Our Company's History

Founded in 1985, HealthSCOPE Benefits was created to provide corporations with custom tailored and cost-effective solutions to their managed care needs. Originally incorporated as Burgett Dietrich (B & D) our initial focus was on developing and managing "non-metropolitan area" managed care networks for Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

Since that time, HealthSCOPE Benefits has evolved significantly through a series of mergers and acquisitions that have continually expanded our offerings to our clients. From our roots in managed care, we have subsequently added a complete portfolio of employee benefits, including claims and administrative support that enable us to serve nationwide clients of any size.

On December 31, 2007 HealthSCOPE Benefits was purchased through a management buyout - a move that enabled even more hands on and proactive leadership that positively impacted our ability to serve our clients. Mary Catherine Person, President of HealthSCOPE Benefits and Joe Edwards, CEO of HealthSCOPE Benefits, now lead an ownership and management team with direct insight into the every day workings of the company, creating a decisive and efficient communication structure within our firm and with those we serve.

Throughout our evolution as a company, HealthSCOPE Benefits has built a reputation for innovation - in the process amassing a list of satisfied customers, including developing over 140 custom Point of Service (POS) gatekeeper and PPO networks in more than 30 states. We understand that clients hire us to not work for them, but to succeed for them by improving employee health and managing costs. That's our promise, and for over two decades, that's what we've delivered.