Conflict of interest policy

HealthSCOPE Benefits is committed to providing high quality information to users, and strives to provide information that is void of bias and self-interest on the part of its authors. Therefore, we shall evaluate the information before we post it on the Web site to determine whether or not there are any financial considerations that may compromise or have the appearance of compromising our presentation of information.

This policy applies primarily to HealthSCOPE Benefits and secondly to the authors of Health Content.

Policy statement
HealthSCOPE Benefits must be conscientious of potential conflicts of interest and disclose them in a manner that supports the integrity of the health content provided on our Web site.


1. Awareness of Potential Conflicts of Interest:
A conflict of interest includes engagement in an activity that presents a financial interest or relationship significance that compromises impartial or objective professional standards expected by authors of health content on the Web site. We shall evaluate conflicts in terms of the gain that may result from posting health content on the Web site.

2. The following may represent a conflict of interest with respect to the health content:
  • Financial interest, whether direct, indirect, or predictable, relative to the financial interest of self, relative, business partner, or other affiliated person or organization.
  • Relationship significance with any person or institution that may have a personal interest.
  • Acceptance of gifts or other gratuities, which go beyond a nominal and reasonable scale and may place us under any obligation that, could influence business relations.
3. Responsibility for Potential Conflicts of Interest:
It is the responsibility of both the HealthSCOPE Benefits and the author to be aware of and to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

4. Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest:
HealthSCOPE Benefits and/or the author must bring any potential conflicts to the attention of the Web site Editor (as described in the Editorial Policy) and/or Internet Services. The Web site Editor and/or Internet Services will refer matters to the Quality Oversight Committee (QOC) as deemed appropriate, otherwise, disclose conflicts of interest on the Web site.